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Please download the document below so we can find out the general health of the breed.

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The new Ahoj! is now out, download it here: Ahoj Jan 2021

Update on Cesky Terrier Club events for 2021 

The Open Show was held at Steventon Saturday 26 June 2021. The judge  Mr Chris Mills (Blackthorpe). Click here for the results

The 2021 Championship Show was held on Saturday 4 September 2021 at Steventon. The judge is Mr Colin Richardson (Talyot).Click here for the results

The 2020 Championship Show was held at Steventon Saturday 7 August 2021 at . The judge is Mr Steve Fewings (Komidion). Click here for the results

The Cesky Terrier Judging List 2021-2022

The Committee of the Cesky Terrier Club would welcome applications for their 'C' list. Please email the secretary.
Judges already on the 'C' list are invited to send the Secretary a record of the number of CTs judged, 35 required, in readiness for advancement to the 'B' list.

An on-line BAD is planned for early in 2022. More details will be available in due course. If you are interested, please can you email the secretary just to give some idea of numbers?

Thank you.
Linda Burrage
Hon. Secretary


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